Exclusive Services

  • The Skipper Club was founded in 1990 and has since celebrated numerous victories in sailing regattas. The club is also the creator and promoter of Grado’s most important sailing event, "La Graisaria" as well as other sporting events.

    The octagonal club room at the Skipper Club is a popular and exclusive meeting place for the guests at the port. It is a place which brings together sailors and scuba diving experts along with all those with a passion for sailing and the sea.

    The club has a widescreen LCD television, where visitors can follow sporting events, enjoy films and participate in meetings and conferences. The club is also the ideal place to relive great sporting moments, sharing memories and anecdotes with the other visitors, enjoying an aperitif and a game of pool.

  • Located near the new thermal pool, the Fly Bridge is open from early morning to evening and offers a tempting range of healthy and exotic diet drinks as well as a great selection of sophisticated and delicious finger food.

    Here, guests can relax under the sun, stretched out on our wonderfully comfortable day beds and savour the magical calm and luxury, like a balm for body spirit and mind.

  • The Sunshine Club, nestling by the glittering waters of the Grado coast, offers guests the perfect place to relax and enjoy themselves. The golden beach is kissed by the Mediterranean sun and lapped by the clear, clean azure waters of the sea. Naturally the beach club has all the comforts you would expect- parasols, beach loungers and showers, as well as toys and games for children of all ages and a complete range of sporting equipment.

    The Sunshine Club is equipped for all kinds of sports and water-sports, and throughout the day there is always something new and exciting to try. After the excitement of waterskiing, a relaxing game of tennis and a dip in the sea, you can always have a break and a bite to eat at one of the most beautiful beach clubs in the Adriatic.

    As the sun sets, and the candles are lit along the beach, the evocative scent of the sea and the whispering of the waves make a perfect background for a wonderful evening.

  • The magical atmosphere of the Laguna Vitæ Wellness Centre at Porto San Vito is the perfect solution for all those of us who want to take care of ourselves and get back in touch with our bodies.

    The wellness centre is a harmonious addition to Porto San Vito. The centre is designed to look from the outside like the "casoni", the picturesque fishermen’s cottages which dot the small islands of the lagoon. Dating back to prehistoric times, these cottages are an essential part of the lagoon’s poetic and evocative charm. As such the building is made from wood, reeds and straw- the authentic, traditional materials which make it seem so familiar and at home, in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

    Naturally the wellness centre offers a range of relaxing massages, treatments with algae, and the fullest range of sauna and spa treatments to meet all your wishes, but it also offers another treatment found almost nowhere else. The Laguna Vitæ Wellness Centre is one of the very few places where you can still experience the fascinating- and undoubtedly effective- treatments of the age-old Austro-Hungarian tradition of thermal resorts.