Porto San Vito
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Porto San Vito is one of the most sophisticated and comfortable marinas located in the Adriatic Sea.
Located just ten miles from the Istrian coast, it can offer 165 berths for boats up to 24 meters in length.
It also offers an ideal starting point for those who want to have the fantastic experience of visiting the Lagoon of Grado and the Gulf of Trieste.
The water depth of the entrance channel and at the piers is 3.50 meters at average sea level. The entrance to the marina is clearly visible to those arriving by sea, as it signaled by wooden poles and security lights. The marina is open all year long and is the ideal starting point for excursions that might lead to a gleaming sandbank of shells. Visiting, equipped with tanks and wetsuits, the ancient ruins of the Roman Harbour and the Basilica of San Gottardo long sunken into the sea. One might also follow the ancient Roman roads, which have been submerged for centuries in the Lagoon of Grado. Of course, you can also dedicate yourself to complete relaxation, in absolute rest while aboard a beautiful yacht, as you sail through the splendid Gulf of Trieste, tasting the delicacies offered by the vital generosity of the sea.



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